I-37 Exits in Texas

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Exit 141C
San Antonio, TX
San Antonio Museum of Art
Right (N) - 0.41 miles
Southwest School Of Art
Right (W) - 0.62 miles
Right (W) - 0.75 miles
Exit 141B
San Antonio, TX
San Antonio Fire Museum
Right (W) - 0.12 miles
The Alamo
Right (W) - 0.18 miles
Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Right (W) - 0.33 miles
Right (W) - 0.5 miles
Exit 141A
San Antonio, TX
Briscoe Western Art Museum
Right (W) - 0.44 miles
Exit 140B
San Antonio, TX
Garcia Art Glass
Right (W) - 0.49 miles
Exit 140A
San Antonio, TX
Zollie Glass Studio
Right (W) - 0.21 miles
Mondini Ruiz Art
Right (W) - 0.27 miles
Sala Diaz
Right (NW) - 0.56 miles
Contemporary at Blue Star
Right (W) - 0.88 miles
Right (W) - 0.91 miles
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Exit 138C
San Antonio, TX
Snake Hawk Press
Right (W) - 0.55 miles
Exit 1A
Corpus Christi, TX
K Space Contemporary
Right (E) - 0.41 miles
Texas Surf Museum
Right (SE) - 0.48 miles
Art Center of Corpus Christi
Right (SE) - 0.65 miles
Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures and Education Center
Left (NE) - 0.78 miles
Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History
Left (NE) - 0.89 miles
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