I-35 Exits in Texas

Showing: Family Friendly (Aquariums)

Exit 205
San Marcos, TX
The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Left (N) - 0.63 miles
Exit 231
Austin, TX
Austin Aqua-Dome
Left (NW) - 2.52 miles
Exit 241
Austin, TX
Capital Aquariums
Left (NW) - 1.65 miles
Exit 334A
Waco, TX
North Waco Tropical Fish
Left (NW) - 0.4 miles
Exit 399
Waxahachie, TX
Dutch Aquarium Systems
Right (E) - 1.93 miles
Exit 429B
Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium
Right (E) - 0.52 miles
Exit 443A
Carrollton, TX
Your Pet Fish
Right (E) - 2.82 miles
Your Pet Fish
Right (E) - 2.82 miles