I-30 Exits in Texas

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Exit 50
Dallas, TX
The Dallas Arboretum Food and Wine Festival
Right (N) - 1.27 miles
Exit 49B
Dallas, TX
State Fair of Texas
Left (SW) - 2.35 miles
Taste of Dallas
Left (SW) - 2.63 miles
Exit 49A
Dallas, TX
North Texas Irish Festival
Right (N) - 0.96 miles
Exit 47C
Dallas, TX
The Dallas Bake Off
Left (E) - 0.2 miles
Big Texas Beer Fest
Left (E) - 0.24 miles
Enchant Dallas
Left (E) - 0.83 miles
Exit 45
Dallas, TX
Texas Veggie Fair
Right (NE) - 2.72 miles
Exit 43A
Dallas, TX
Mardi Gras Parade
Left (S) - 1.32 miles
Mardi Gras Parade
Left (S) - 1.32 miles
Exit 29
Arlington, TX
USMD Arlington Turkey Trot
Left (S) - 0.65 miles
Water Lantern Festival
Left (S) - 0.69 miles
Food Trucks Festival
Left (SW) - 0.77 miles
Exit 24
Fort Worth, TX
Pumpkin Nights
Left (S) - 2.2 miles
Exit 12A
Fort Worth, TX
Concerts In the Garden
Right (NW) - 0.42 miles