I-71 Exits in Ohio

Showing: Outdoor Places (Campgrounds)

Exit 198
West Salem, OH
Camp white 18@2x
Town And Country Camp Resort
Right (NE) - 1.08 miles
Exit 186
Ashland, OH
Hickory Lakes Campground
Left (E) - 6.95 miles
Exit 140
Marengo, OH
Camp white 18@2x
Cardinal Center Campground
Right (N) - 0.04 miles
Camp white 18@2x
Grins & Pickin's CampFarm
Left (SE) - 2.52 miles
Exit 131
Galena, OH
Camp white 18@2x
Berkshire Lake Campground
Left (SE) - 2.92 miles
Exit 50
Wilmington, OH
Camp white 18@2x
Ohio State Eagles Campground
Left (S) - 0.5 miles
Exit 45
Wilmington, OH
Camp white 18@2x
Wilmington RV Resort
Left (S) - 1.87 miles
Thousand Trails
Left (S) - 1.88 miles
Exit 36
Oregonia, OH
Camp white 18@2x
Olive Branch Campground
Left (E) - 0.62 miles
Camp white 18@2x
Morgan's Canoe and Outdoor Adventures
Left (SW) - 1.78 miles