I-280 Exits in New Jersey

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Exit 17A
Kearny, NJ
Skyway Course at Lincoln Park West
Left (SE) - 2.46 miles
Exit 16
Harrison, NJ
Red Bull Arena
Left (SE) - 0.42 miles
Ironbound Recreation Center
Left (SE) - 1.18 miles
Azores Social & Sports Club
Left (S) - 1.32 miles
Exit 15A,B
Newark, NJ
Method Climbing
Left (S) - 0.35 miles
The Newark Museum of Art
Left (SW) - 0.39 miles
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Left (S) - 0.57 miles
Prudential Center
Left (S) - 1.01 miles
Exit 14A
Newark, NJ
Newark Moonlight Cinema
Left (SE) - 0.16 miles
Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center
Right (N) - 0.26 miles
Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Right (N) - 0.36 miles
John F Kennedy Recreation Center
Left (S) - 1.31 miles
Exit 13
Newark, NJ
City Plex 12 Newark
Left (S) - 1.37 miles
Exit 12B
East Orange, NJ
Wildey Marie School of Dance
Left (W) - 0.51 miles
Exit 11B
Orange, NJ
Del Music
Left (SW) - 1.81 miles
Exit 10
West Orange, NJ
Luna Stage
Left (SW) - 0.57 miles
Treetop Adventure Course
Left (W) - 2.13 miles
Essex County Parks Safari Mini Golf
Left (W) - 2.17 miles
NJ Devils Youth Hockey Club
Left (W) - 2.18 miles
Richard J. Codey Arena
Left (W) - 2.19 miles
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Exit 8B
West Orange, NJ
Unique Performance Arts Center
(NW) - 0.78 miles
Montclair Golf Club
Right (NE) - 1.37 miles
Sharron Miller's Academy For the Performing Arts
Right (NE) - 1.94 miles
The Gravity Vault - Montclair
Right (E) - 2.0 miles
The Clairidge
Right (NE) - 2.0 miles
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Exit 8A
West Orange, NJ
AMC DINE-IN Essex Green 9
Left (SW) - 0.4 miles
Essex Country Club Golf Shop
Left (SW) - 0.71 miles
Exit 7
West Orange, NJ
Essex County Francis A Byrne Golf Course
Left (SW) - 0.61 miles
CBL Fine Art
Right (NE) - 0.81 miles
Exit 6B
Livingston, NJ
Roseland GreekFest
Right (E) - 0.17 miles
Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historic Site
Right (NE) - 2.17 miles
Exit 6A
Livingston, NJ
A Superior Pool Service
Left (SW) - 2.1 miles
Exit 5A
Roseland, NJ
Livingston Art & Framing
Left (S) - 1.35 miles
Haynes Memorial Pool
Left (SW) - 1.99 miles
Barry Herman Entertainment
Left (SW) - 2.77 miles
Exit 4A
Roseland, NJ
Essex Golf Driving Range
Left (W) - 0.48 miles
Essex County Environmental Center
Left (W) - 0.56 miles
Starr Dance Company
Left (SW) - 0.63 miles
Own a Painting
Left (W) - 0.94 miles
Sports Universe
Left (SW) - 1.51 miles
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Exit 1
Parsippany, NJ
Extra Innings Hanover
Left (SW) - 2.78 miles