I-83 Exits in Maryland

Showing: Family Friendly (Parks)

Baltimore, MD
Lexington Street Garage
Left (W) - 0.11 miles
War Memorial Plaza
Left (W) - 0.16 miles
Baltimore Street Garage
Left (W) - 0.24 miles
Signet Garage
Left (W) - 0.27 miles
Water Street Garage
Left (SW) - 0.31 miles
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Exit 3
Baltimore, MD
Electric Vehicle Institute
Left (W) - 0.29 miles
Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place
Left (SW) - 0.4 miles
Penn Station Garage
Left (NW) - 0.43 miles
Pope John Paul II Prayer Garden
Left (SW) - 0.54 miles
St. Mary's Park
Left (SW) - 0.79 miles
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Exit 7A
Baltimore, MD
James W Rouse Memorial Deck At Round Falls
(NW) - 0.24 miles
Wyman Park Dell
Right (NE) - 0.59 miles
Exit 7B
Baltimore, MD
Druid Hill Park
Left (W) - 0.17 miles
Exit 8
Baltimore, MD
The Skatepark Of Baltimore
Left (NW) - 0.15 miles
Roosevelt Park
(NW) - 0.18 miles
Sherwood Gardens
Right (NE) - 1.43 miles
Exit 9A
Baltimore, MD
Villages at Homeland
Right (E) - 1.68 miles
Villages at Homeland
Right (E) - 1.68 miles
Exit 10A
Baltimore, MD
Paw Point Dog Park
Right (N) - 1.48 miles
Lake Roland
Right (N) - 1.49 miles
Exit 10B
Baltimore, MD
J Town
Left (W) - 2.07 miles
Exit 12
Lutherville Timonium, MD
Meadowood Regional Park
Left (NW) - 1.3 miles
Exit 16A
Mays Chapel, MD
Right (SE) - 1.3 miles
Exit 20B
Cockeysville, MD
Oregon Ridge Nature Center
Left (W) - 1.12 miles
Exit 27
Parkton, MD
Backwater Angler
Right (SE) - 0.54 miles