Know the road ahead. Find the best exits.

Designed For The Interstate
Open the iExit app on or near any interstate nationwide and watch the magic unfold. It finds you automatically, shows you exits ahead, and allows for easy searching. Your GPS will tell you how to get there, but iExit will tell you where to stop along the way.
iExit Interstate Exit Guide iOS and Android Screenshots
Unlock Private Discounted Hotel Rates
iExit RateSaver Discount Example
An example of how significant the discounts can be through iExit RateSaver, as compared to regular online hotel rates.
iExit now offers significant discounts at thousands of hotels nationwide. Joining the iExit RateSaver program immediately unlocks these private rates.
  • Savings between 5%-40% off hotel rates at thousands of hotels nationwide
  • No contracts. Cancel anytime.
  • Special introductory pricing of $99 $29 per year likely pays for itself on the first booking!

Stop Overpaying For Gas

Through its partnership with OPIS, iExit pulls in daily Unleaded, Mid-Grade, Premium, and Diesel fuel prices across the United States. We compare all of those prices so that we can quickly show you which exits and which cities have the best gas prices.

Find the Best Gas Prices Nationwide

Fuel Type
Third Party Integrations
iExit groups OPIS's real-time fuel prices by Interstate exit, making it easy to find the cheapest exit ahead, even 100 miles down the road.
GasBuddy Integration

iExit has always been great at helping you find your favorite brands. But now with Yelp, you can discover great new businesses right near exits.
Yelp Integration

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Travel Coupons Integration
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